Shoot For The Sky

I was watching BET the other day and a movie came across called I Do I Did. This film is about a man who married a woman and soon after their wedding, a crash happens ans the wife goes in a coma. Eventually the husband ran out of money and could no longer afford for his wife to be on life support. They told him his wife was going to die and he couldn’t bare the thought so he left his wife to die. After a while, he began to create a new life and re-married when he finds out his wife they said was going to die comes out of a coma. Great story Right? It’s actually dope. But unfortunately It had mediocre actors and terrible acting. I was just thinking while watching this… If the husband was Derrick Luke and one of the wifes Gabrielle Union this would be big. I assumed it was just a small time writer who just sent it to some local people. I wish the writer would have sent this to studios everywhere. Could have made lots of bread. This is just life lesson Always shoot for the stars anything less doesn’t matter. Food For Thought


Fate or just plain Luck?

So about two weeks ago i got into an accident, and ever since than i have been thinking is life more about fate or luck? The reason i say that is because the accident i was in was bad but not to the point where i could have died, but I left the scene wit only a cut and some fear. Not comparing my life to anyone else’s but I have seen and heard of many more accidents where the damage was less but injuries worst even resulting in death. So with that said I look at my situation and now my life and think to myself was it supposed to happen like that or was that just my lucky day? Now I have always believed in a greater being who holds all our lives in his hands, but lately things have happened where I can see no sign from anything that says that they were meant to be, but more of my luck just being real good or bad.  So now at 8:26 on Tuesday February 25 I’m thinking with my 17 years of exsistence have the people I have met the things I have seen and even the decision I have made been directed by the fate of something or someone or has luck been so much a part of my life that i never took a step back to realize it?

Theme of the Week

The theme of the week is INSPIRATION. I need this myself as I have been getting lazy with chasing my dream to see the Never Knuckle Under Team on the big screen. I came across this poem in my weekly reading I want to share. To all my poetry heads can I get finger snaps. If -Rudy Kipling Continue reading

Beatles vs. Wu-Tang

I came across this neat remix album Enter the Magic Mystery Chambers.. 27 tracks of Wu-tang Acapellas and the Beatles instrumentals. Pretty Different.

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Rihanna-Rude Boy Video

This Video is dope. The colors are the definition of it just seems like an old school vibe

Not What it Used to Be

Remember the days when the all-star break meant something? There was nothing like the slam dunk contest. It’s probably the most anticipated event of the all-star weekend. It seems that theory is no longer exists. Last night the 2010 slam dunk contest happened once again. The four contestants were Gerald Wallace, DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown, and defending champion Nate Robinson. Although these are all NBA players and we all know it’s a difficult task to make it to the league these aren’t star players. Where are the stars in theontest? Where’s LeBron? Where’s Carmelo? Where’s Kevin Durant? Where’s Kobe? Do these players believe they are above this event? That’s what it seems like. These dunks were terrible last night, seems like we’ve seen em all before. Where’s the creativity and the props? Robinson won again last night, making him the only player to win the competition three times but it seems like he wins by default. All the dunks were terrible and basic. They have to try and try again to actually get the dunk to go in. Analyst Charles Barkley said “No one should win” last night and it seems people agree. Maybe if no one won the fans players would begin to see the picture of entertainment. I as an NBA fan am disappointed. Forget the players in the NBA, lets go from state to state  finding four of the most talented dunkers at the local parks, im sure they can get the job done.

Benetton It’s My Time Completion

United Colors of Benetton is one of favorite clothing brands at the moment. I shop there often when i’m in the DC metropolitan area, particularly at Georgetown & Pentagon City. So..I was browsing the site today when i noticed an ad on the site for a global casting competition called “It’s My Time” to be selected for the 2010 Fall/Winter catalogue. I think it’s pretty neat , especially the fact that they are looking for normal people…who aren’t necessarily your cliché models or even the prettiest of faces. It’s based more so on who and how you are. 100 finalist are selected based on votes from other contestants on the site and chosen to go on a 200 euro shopping Spree. 20 finalist are selected by the judges to be in the 2010 Fall/Winter catalogue. Voting ends March 16 . It’s worth a try go for it .