No Mixtape- Bun B

One of the realest to do it, Bun B , released his highly anticipated mixtape,”No Mixtape” Monday . 28 tracks including 5 snippets from his third solo studio album Trill OG. All the tracks are pretty solid, check it out for yourself.. Download Link and track list below.

Trill OG coming soon…UGK 4 LIFE !

Personal Favorites : Pants on the ground, Mr.Hit That Lick, One King, I Am , Trill OG

Download Link

Track List:

1. Intro
2. On To The Next Year
3. Stupid Trill
4. Trill OG
5. 2 Damn Trill
6. Trill Gladiator Snippet
7. No Mixtape
8. Transform Ya
9. One King
10. Don’t Say Shit
11. Countin’ Money
12. I Went In
13. Adrenaline Rush
14. (2) Dope Boyz
15. Coocoo
16. Greatest of All Time
17. Mr. Hit That Lick
18. Press Play
19. Big Dick Chaney
20. I Am
21. I Got Cake
22. Play Clothes
23. Bag Music
24. I Made It
25. The Champion
26. Put It Down
27. Outro
28. Bonus: Pants On The Ground


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