Not What it Used to Be

Remember the days when the all-star break meant something? There was nothing like the slam dunk contest. It’s probably the most anticipated event of the all-star weekend. It seems that theory is no longer exists. Last night the 2010 slam dunk contest happened once again. The four contestants were Gerald Wallace, DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown, and defending champion Nate Robinson. Although these are all NBA players and we all know it’s a difficult task to make it to the league these aren’t star players. Where are the stars in theontest? Where’s LeBron? Where’s Carmelo? Where’s Kevin Durant? Where’s Kobe? Do these players believe they are above this event? That’s what it seems like. These dunks were terrible last night, seems like we’ve seen em all before. Where’s the creativity and the props? Robinson won again last night, making him the only player to win the competition three times but it seems like he wins by default. All the dunks were terrible and basic. They have to try and try again to actually get the dunk to go in. Analyst Charles Barkley said “No one should win” last night and it seems people agree. Maybe if no one won the fans players would begin to see the picture of entertainment. I as an NBA fan am disappointed. Forget the players in the NBA, lets go from state to state  finding four of the most talented dunkers at the local parks, im sure they can get the job done.


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