Fate or just plain Luck?

So about two weeks ago i got into an accident, and ever since than i have been thinking is life more about fate or luck? The reason i say that is because the accident i was in was bad but not to the point where i could have died, but I left the scene wit only a cut and some fear. Not comparing my life to anyone else’s but I have seen and heard of many more accidents where the damage was less but injuries worst even resulting in death. So with that said I look at my situation and now my life and think to myself was it supposed to happen like that or was that just my lucky day? Now I have always believed in a greater being who holds all our lives in his hands, but lately things have happened where I can see no sign from anything that says that they were meant to be, but more of my luck just being real good or bad.  So now at 8:26 on Tuesday February 25 I’m thinking with my 17 years of exsistence have the people I have met the things I have seen and even the decision I have made been directed by the fate of something or someone or has luck been so much a part of my life that i never took a step back to realize it?


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