Shoot For The Sky

I was watching BET the other day and a movie came across called I Do I Did. This film is about a man who married a woman and soon after their wedding, a crash happens ans the wife goes in a coma. Eventually the husband ran out of money and could no longer afford for his wife to be on life support. They told him his wife was going to die and he couldn’t bare the thought so he left his wife to die. After a while, he began to create a new life and re-married when he finds out his wife they said was going to die comes out of a coma. Great story Right? It’s actually dope. But unfortunately It had mediocre actors and terrible acting. I was just thinking while watching this… If the husband was Derrick Luke and one of the wifes Gabrielle Union this would be big. I assumed it was just a small time writer who just sent it to some local people. I wish the writer would have sent this to studios everywhere. Could have made lots of bread. This is just life lesson Always shoot for the stars anything less doesn’t matter. Food For Thought


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