The Mirror

knuckle under Give up, acknowledge defeat, to give in to or accept someone or something.

Civilization is the process of civilizing or becoming civil. Through out history, the worlds greatest civilizations or lack there of have been scarred by conquest for money and power at any costs. In today’s society people hate and scorn amongst each other more than ever before; therefore are we anymore civilized than history before us? Although we may have advanced technologically; civily we have fallen short. The question arises What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? Nothing…However the world around us if full of pressures ideals and conformities that not unlike the apple from the forbidden tree can be tempting. They have us fixated on whats “normal” and “happiness”. So as you walk down your path in life remember Never Knuckle Under. Be Careful. Stay True. Be You.