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Fate or just plain Luck?

So about two weeks ago i got into an accident, and ever since than i have been thinking is life more about fate or luck? The reason i say that is because the accident i was in was bad but not to the point where i could have died, but I left the scene wit only a cut and some fear. Not comparing my life to anyone else’s but I have seen and heard of many more accidents where the damage was less but injuries worst even resulting in death. So with that said I look at my situation and now my life and think to myself was it supposed to happen like that or was that just my lucky day? Now I have always believed in a greater being who holds all our lives in his hands, but lately things have happened where I can see no sign from anything that says that they were meant to be, but more of my luck just being real good or bad.  So now at 8:26 on Tuesday February 25 I’m thinking with my 17 years of exsistence have the people I have met the things I have seen and even the decision I have made been directed by the fate of something or someone or has luck been so much a part of my life that i never took a step back to realize it?


All Star Weekend

With the NBA All Star Weekend taking place this weekend in Dallas, I looked around at the four major American sports and thought to myself which sport has the best All Star Game/Weekend. The criteria for the order i chose was the build up around it, the quality of it, and the fan involvement. With that the league which has the best All Star Game/Weekend is the NBA, followed by MLB, NFL, and NHL. Not because their product is any better than any of the other sports, but because the game and the weekend brings fun to the game which is what the All Star Weekends are supposed to be about. Though you may never remember which side won the game many of us remember what dunk won the Slam Dunk Contest or how the three point contest was won by that unlikely player out of nowhere.

Best Rapper Ever

Two best rappers ever

So lately i have been listening to B.I.G. and 2pac, and realizing that the new generation of rappers are not as good or even in the same category as these two. Drake Lil Wayne and Kanye all do their thing but haven’t made the impact that BIG or Pac made and didn’t carry the game like those two did. Though Jay the big homie has been the best rapper alive i always wonder if he would still be considered if one or even both where still living. Not taking anything away from him, but sometimes before we go deeming all these rappers of our time the best let’s remember that there where many that came before and did their shit.