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Theme of the Week

The theme of the week is INSPIRATION. I need this myself as I have been getting lazy with chasing my dream to see the Never Knuckle Under Team on the big screen. I came across this poem in my weekly reading I want to share. To all my poetry heads can I get finger snaps. If -Rudy Kipling Continue reading


Theme of the Week

This week is the WEEK OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN – To often I see people having ulterior motives behind their actions. This has me asking myself…Where is Love? A good samaritan is a compassionate person who unselfishly helps others. Sounds like love to me. This week strive to voluntarily help someone else who is in distress. You have no idea how much you can change their day.

Theme of the Week

In life, with hard work comes progress, it’s important not to stay in place and strive to do better.

Each week there will be a theme of the week.

This week is the WEEK OF STEWARDSHIP – you have a responsibility to be the best student son/daughter employee athlete friend you can be. strive to do so.